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Jack Garrett

Trust is essential:

Getting good sound is a critical part of any production, no matter the size, from a feature film to a 15 second ad. You need to be able to trust the person that you hire.

I love recording sound and am always looking for the newest and best ways to get the best sound quality possible on any shoot. I have been working at all levels of the sound department for 6 years now, and worked with and for some of the best in the business. My experience allows you to rely on me to get the best sound possible, but don't just take my word for it:

"I just wanted to reach out because we're mixing (The Witch in the Window) right now at Soundtrack NY, and my buddy Dan Brennan who mixes a lot of great indie features was telling me that the production sound for our film was really damn good. I believe he said it was among the best he'd worked with. I already knew it was great, having edited the film - but it was nice to hear that from him. We just did all the ADR we needed to do for the whole film in about three hours flat because of how few problems there were. I let him know you were great to work with as well."

-Andy Mitton, Director of The Witch in the Window

"On set Jack managed his team flawlessly, always ready for the shoots needs. I never had to check his work due to his competence at his craft. He did not have it easy, as some of our talent enjoyed making life difficult. I'm sure the simple act of placing a mic was a herculean effort at times, yet Jack never complained, talked poorly or needed to be overseen while around talent. It is a great relief to know that you can trust your personnel in all situations.
During post production our sound designer warned us that the quality of audio recordings could greatly effect his job. After our first screening with him he proclaimed that we had some of the best location sound recording he had been given in a long time. Having worked on big Hollywood films and TV shows, this is no idle remark from him. I also know audio recording well and the difficulties that can arise, yet Jack provided us with the very best sound and did so in a calm and pleasant manner."

-John KD Graham, director of A Wish for Christmas

About me:

I've always loved film and sound since I was little. After recording sound effects, music, and voice in high school, I graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a B.S. in Sound Recording Technology. After working for a few years as an AV installer, and continuing to work in my studio on the cape. I went back and got my MFA in Film Production from Boston University. Since then I've been working full time in the film industry.

The name:

I came up with the name Sound Team Six in the summer of 2012 when a classmate and I were working together on production sound for a short film called "Dear Santa". I feel that the name implies a high level of discipline, drive, and success, and that's what I always bring to a project. Over the years, since I also work as a gaffer, I've met other great people who are just as dedicated to the craft, and the team is growing again with new people. I never recommend another person lightly. If there is a scheduling problem, you'll know that whoever you get through me will be up to my high standards.
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